Show and Tell: Gaming Art

My fictional dedicated gaming room would also like to have the images below hanging proudly on its non-existent walls. This place will be big to accommodate all the art needed. Art by Dylan West These prints and many other great ones available on Etsy [via Gaming Rules]

Show and Tell: How to win at Flappy Bird

You can’t follow social media in the last few days without coming across something Flappy Bird related. It is a very simple game, but one that can quickly lead to frustration. I recently installed the game and spent way longer playing “just one more time” then I should have. My high score is still pretty […]

Show and Tell: Mean Tweets

Twitter is a snarky place. I can appreciate honest and constructive criticism, but so many tweets quickly turn hate and vitriol. A black president, Coke running a commercial where an American song is sung in foreign languages, and even actors being cast as beloved superheroes have all lead to tweets that make me sad for […]

Show and Tell: Weeping Angels FTW

As many nerds, I’m a fan of Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels. Villains that can only move when nobody is looking is an eerie concept. You are safe when looking directly at these monsters, but how do you truly get away? I remember watching the episode, “Blink”, while on the edge of my seat trying to […]