Show and Tell: Little Mac finally joins the fight


I know Little Mac doesn’t make it to the top-tier of Nintendo characters, but he and the Punch-Out! franchise is one of my favorites. I owned the original NES game when I was a kid and played it a lot. While I was able to defeat Mike Tyson, I had to play that game so many times to reach that point. Over and over, I punched Mr. Sandman, knocked-out Soda Popinski, and counter-punched Bald Bull. I developed enough muscle memory that when in college, I was able to get straight to Super Macho Man without a loss. While I can’t do that anymore, I still play the game from time to time.

I’m not very good at the Smash Brothers games, but I was very happy to finally see Little Mac be added to the roster. He makes perfect sense and I’m also curious if any of the other fighters will make their appearance in the game.

Also, this graphic (via it8bit) is cool.


[via Tiny Cartridge]

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