Show and Tell: Snackeez commerical breakdown

I, thankfully, have not had to endure the Snackeez commercial myself since I rarely watch any live TV (DVR or bust.) Although, Uproxx had a great breakdown of the commercial below. Since today is the Super Bowl which is known for its great show of athleticism commercials, lets link to a commercial replay. Watch then visit this page.

[via Uproxx]

One thought on “Show and Tell: Snackeez commerical breakdown

  1. “Whole bag of chips!”
    That’s the smallest bag of chips I’ve ever seen. It’s smaller than fun-size. That’s disappointment-size.

    And I loved the guy spilling his bowl of chips into his crotch with a powered-up karate chop. I want to make a joke about how people in real life don’t spill their stuff like he did, but it happens. I’ve had some pretty epic spills. At least his had karate.

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